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                September 2008-ocell was established.


                Dec., 2009, the first lithium iron phosphate material production line was commissioning.


                August 2010-ocell won the title of "2010 Top Ten Technology Entrepreneurs in Hubei Province" and the first prize of "Innovative China? Hubei Entrepreneurship Competition";


                May, 2011, passed ISO9001 and ISO14001.

                Aug., 2009, gained the "National High-Tech Enterprise" Title


                September 2012-Hubei Province Engineering Technology Research Center and Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center were established;

                March 2012-ocell became a strategic partner of China's lunar exploration and deep space exploration technology;


                April 2013-The academician expert workstation of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was established;


                February 2015-Become a post-doctoral innovation practice site in Hubei Province


                ? October 2017-ocell was rated the little giant of science and technology in Hubei Province;


                December 2017-Ocell was rated as one of the top 100 taxpayers in Yichang City;

                October 2017-ocell was rated the little giant of science and technology in Hubei Province;


                June 2018, ocell was awarded the honorary title of "Invisible Champion of Science and Technology Little Giant in the Pillar Industry Segment of Hubei Province";

                April 2018-ocell was rated the National Minority Demonstration Unit;

                March 2018-ocell was rated as a pilot unit for the integration of industrialization and industrialization in Hubei Province;


                February 2019-ocell was awarded the Yichang City Development Contribution Award....

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